Do You Need A Food Science Consultant?

Depending on your mission or project goals, hiring a full-time person for a short-term issue may not by feasible from a practical position or due to restrictions in time or budget. A full-time employee requires a commitment to salary and benefits for a long term not to mention possible relocation costs. The answer might be to retain the services of a relevantly qualified and experienced consultant for the duration of the project, especially if the project of limited duration that does not warrant a full-time hire or because of uncertainty during these times of pandemic.

Career Coaching – IFT Careers In Focus

Are you a new or mid-level food professional ready to advance your career? Need advice on what to do next or how to best position your talents? Take advantage of our 1:1 career coaching sessions as part of your IFT Careers InFocus experience.

Finding A Job On An H1B Visa

I am an international student with a MS in Food Science and an H1B. I want to stay in the United States, but I am having trouble finding a job. When I mention that I need sponsorship, they seem to lose interest in me. What do I do?

Networking To Find A New Job

​I’ve been in my job for over 20 years, and I just got laid off. I’m looking for a new job, and I know that networking is the way to go, but how do I start?